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Server Rules

These rules apply to any servers operated by the Fungineers. They're simple, and assuming good faith you shouldn't run afoul of them.

  1. Don't be a dick. - This should be self-explanatory. Don't insult people, don't mess with other people's stuff, don't 'grief' or otherwise make the game less fun for anyone. The rest of these rules basically follow from this one.
  2. No racism/sexism/*phobia. - No, not even ironically. No, not even if someone makes you really mad. Nope, not that slur, or that one either.
  3. No cheating. - Again, self-explanatory. Don't use tools that give you an advantage over other players, unless all the other players potentially interacting with you are OK with it.
  4. Have fun! - We're all here to have fun. A little bit of competitiveness is fine, but if you find yourself getting angry at other people for mistakes, chill out. We welcome all skill levels and levels of commitment, in all games we play.
Server administrators are granted significant latitude in enforcing these rules.